Restaurant Review: Niko’s Trapezi in Long Branch

Rating: Eh…

Chris: This is truly one of our biggest dinning disappointments in Monmouth County. It’s a shame because we love Greek cuisine and go out of our way to enjoy it whenever possible. The place seemed like a winner until our first visit.  It was disappointing then, and continued to be so each time we went back.

Janine: We have eaten here 3 times now. We love fresh grilled seafood and other greek specialties. The staff is nice.  Restaurant has a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere.  However,  each time at dinner we have  been extremely disappointed by the food.  Fresh grilled whole fish? It was literally burnt. Not the appealing quadrillage from a skilled grill master but burnt to the point where the entire fish was black. You couldn’t remove the skin from the charred flesh. Plus, it tasted like lighter fluid.

Chris: The Gilled Calamari appetizer was rubbery and covered with soot and sediment from the previous entrée. there is a fine line between a rustic preparation and serving food from a dirty grill.

Janine: Last time I got their Greek fries. They were oily and borderline soggy.  Hummus and bread are good.  So was dessert.

Chris: I had the Roast Leg of Lamb special. The meat was okay but it was served with an uninspired brown sauce. coagulated bits of protein floated about and it was flat on the palate. To me, it tasted more like a Veal-based sauce than lamb.

Janine: To be clear, we root for this restaurant. We want it to be good. We keep going back hoping something has changed. Our opinions are honest. We always try to go somewhere at least three times overtime before we review.  Even the best restaurant can have an “off” night.  Maybe we are just ordering the wrong dishes?  Should we stick to the basics like chicken souvlaki and lemon potatoes?

Sorry to say, we’ll be skipping Niko’s for a while. Next time we may just try it for lunch versus dinner.  I hope they have cleaned the grill by then….

Niko’s Trapezi

Ursula Plaza

Long Branch, NJ

Nikos Trapezi on Urbanspoon

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2 Comments on “Restaurant Review: Niko’s Trapezi in Long Branch”

  1. Katelyn Bosh
    March 8, 2013 at 10:25 am #

    I agree …They should clean their grille….and it was pricey for the atmosphere they provide..

    • March 9, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

      Thanks for the feedback Katelyn. We whole haertedly agree with you about Niko’s. It’s a shame. The restaurant has such great potential. Unfortuantely. It just falls short for us.

      Thank you for visiting out blog.

      Chris & Janine

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