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Mussels Meuniere: One Man’s Staple is another Man’s Fad

A while back, I attended a business dinner at a trendy New York City restaurant. One of my colleagues was a middle-aged publishing executive with an ivy League education and a privileged upbringing. After scanning the menu he said; “I can’t believe how popular mussels have become recently. When I was a kid, nobody had […]

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Fluke Francaise: A Fisherman’s Secret is Not Always the Bait

Fluke fishing season opened in New Jersey last month.  Hordes of recreational fisherman from sandy hook to Cape May have begun dragging bait and lures across the sandy ocean bottom with hopes of catching their limit of these popular game fish. Fluke are a member of the flounder family. They are a tasty, bottom-dwelling fish […]

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Seafood Marinara? Janine Knew Something Was Fishy…

I was milling about the seafood section of our local grocery store the other day trying to decide what to make for dinner. Nothing in the display case inspired me.  I eventually noticed the fish monger behind the counter. He was busy filleting a bunch of red snapper on a small work station. “Can I […]

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Seafood With Saffron Rice: Paella’s a Party, Pilaf’s a Bust.

I used to call this dish paella until my interpretation of it was questioned by a certain wisenheimer friend of ours. We invited him and a bunch of other people over for a paella party a while back. The evening started off just fine. Everybody was drinking wine and snacking on an assortment of tapas we […]

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Pan Roasted Salmon: A Reasonable Compromise

Fish is by far my favorite food. In fact, I like everything about fish. I like catching fish. I like cooking fish. I especially like eating fish. I even like the way fish smells. If it was up to me, I would eat some sort of fish every day. Unfortunately, Janine does not share my […]

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Sole and Salmon Turban: Janine not Keen on Mousseline

This type of recipe is right out of Escoffier’s playbook. I learned how to make it at the Ecole Ritz Escoffier in Paris. The school is located right across the hall from the very same kitchens that August Escoffier himself once presided over. I really enjoy this type of cooking. It is labor intensive and […]

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