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Faux Risotto: Don’t Stir The Pot

I vaguely remember discovering this technique about ten or fifteen years ago in the dining section of the New York Times. I believe it can be attributed to Gray Kunz, who was the head chef at L’Espinasse in New York City at the time.   This method produces creamy rice without having to stir constantly. The […]

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How To: Bone Poultry for Stuffing

Note: This technique can be used on most poultry including turkey, chicken, duck, pheasant, and game hens.  Begin by cutting off the tail bone at the point where it joins the body of the bird. Cut off both wing tips at the joint. Remove the wish bone by first spreading the loose skin by the […]

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How To: French-Cut a Rack of Lamb

The term “French-cut” or “Frenching” a rack of meat refers to cleaning the rib bones that protrude from the meat base.  The process removes the sinew and muscle tissue that exists between the bones and then scrapes them clean. Note:  This method can be used for pork, lamb or beef. A boning knife with a […]

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How To: Prepare a Boneless Roast From a Pork Picnic Shoulder

The Pork Picnic Shoulder is a versatile cut of meat. It consists of the lower shoulder and upper forearm of the animal. The arm and shank bones run through it and it is usually sold with a portion of skin still attached. The Picnic Shoulder is prized for its high fat content. Bands of fat […]

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How To: Roast Peppers

Ingredients/Equipment – Peppers 1 Tbs of cooking oil per pepper Kitchen Tongs Broiler pan (if applicable) This method can be used for almost any type of pepper (Bell, Poblano, Jalapeno, etc). Although the heat source may vary, the basic technique for roasting peppers remains relatively the same. Char the outer skin. Place inside a covered container […]

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How To: Split and Flatten a Chicken for Grilling

Remove the Chicken from the package along with any Giblets that may have been tucked inside the cavity (Either discard giblets or save them for another use). Rinse the bird thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels. Begin by removing the wish bone (Sorry Kids, I know it’s fun to make a wish, but removing […]

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How To: Trim and Butterfly a Hanger Steak

Hanger Steaks are one of my favorite cuts of beef.  Their texture is similar to Skirt steaks but their flavor is far more complex. Both Hanger and Skirt steaks are cut from the cow’s diaphragm. Skirt steaks are cut directly from the plate portion. Hanger steaks are cut from the muscle that literally hangs between […]

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How To: De-Bone and Butterfly a Leg of Lamb

To De-Bone The Lamb – Begin by trimming off some of the fat that covers the outside of leg. This task is significantly easier to accomplish before the leg is de-boned. Discard any unwanted fat. Note: Some people prefer like to leave a thick layer of fat on the meat. I personally find lamb fat to […]

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How To: Trim and Clean a Leek

The mild onion taste of the common Leek is an integral component in many recipes. Quite often, sand and dirt becomes caked between the individual leafs as the Leek grows. This sediment can ruin the final dish if the Leek is not properly cleaned beforehand. The following information offers a quick and easy cleaning method. Begin […]

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