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What or where to eat seems to be the ongoing topic of conversation between my wife Janine and myself. It should be an easy question for us to answer considering our symbiotic relationship with food. I like to cook more than eat. She likes to eat more than cook. Sometimes, our appetites are aligned and we work in unison to sate them. Other times, neither one of us can decide so we wind up dining out.

The truth is indecision has plagued my palette since the time I was first handed a menu and allowed to order for myself. Family members attribute this personality trait to a mid-June birthday. Gemini is my ruling sign.  It’s been said the duality of the twins create great internal debates; “I think I’ll have a Steak. Actually, Chicken sounds pretty good… No wait, Fish!”

My father likes to reminisce about the times he would take me to the local newsstand as a child to buy candy. Back then, a weekly allowance of fifty cents would buy anything on the shelf. Pop would flip through the magazines waiting for me to decide between a roll of Necco Wafers or a pair of Wax lips. Eventually his patience would wear thin and I would settle on a box of Good and Plenty.  It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but an acceptable alternative based on a rash decision made under great pressure.

Forty some odd years later, I am still trying to decide what to eat.  Only now, my wife’s trusted and valued opinions are considered. She also happens to be born under the Gemini sign and displays the same decision-making traits as I. Occasionally, a verbal mise en place ensues that take longer to complete than the meal itself.

These quadrilateral gastronomic debates provide the inspiration for this blog.

“Recipes or Reservations?”

What’ll it be tonight?”

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