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Grilled Chicken With Lemon and Rosemary: No Excuses and No Bricks

This dish is a variation of “Chicken al Mattone” or “Chicken Under a Brick”. It is a classic Tuscan preparation where a whole chicken is split open, flattened, and grilled under a hot brick. In our household, it is called “Chicken Senza Scuse” or “Chicken Without Excuses”. The name was coined after several failed attempts […]

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How To: Split and Flatten a Chicken for Grilling

Remove the Chicken from the package along with any Giblets that may have been tucked inside the cavity (Either discard giblets or save them for another use). Rinse the bird thoroughly and pat dry with paper towels. Begin by removing the wish bone (Sorry Kids, I know it’s fun to make a wish, but removing […]

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Recipes and Reviews from Monmouth County, NJ